The Creatrix® (a product of Creatrix, Inc.) measures individuals’, teams’ and an entire organization’s capacity to innovate. Some people like things the way they are (Sustainers) and others think of new things all the time (Innovators). The Creatrix offers insights into what makes us ‘tick’ and how we can change to be more innovative (increasing our creativity and risk taking), if we so choose.

Creativity is defined as the ability to think of unconventional ideas. Risk Taking is the willingness to push your ideas forward, even in the face of adversity. While IQ may be a predictor of academic success and a safe bet for success on certain kinds of jobs, it provides no guarantee as to a person’s ability to make a uniquely fresh contribution to industry or to any other field of work.

And while it’s true that we are products of our genetic and social origins, the difficulty is that we are most often in situations, which demand repetition rather than creativity, conformity rather than diversity. These restrictions on experimenting with new ideas are imposed on most of us from early childhood. In our jobs we may be caught in a variety of binds. The company wants coordination, implementation and follow-through — pretty much in the same old ways.

An implicit assumption of this instrument is that over a lifetime people develop a general predisposition toward creativity and risk taking. Having no evidence to the contrary, The Creatrix Assessment allows individuals and organizations to benchmark their current levels of creativity and risk taking.  Then, they can take steps to play with and increase their capabilities in both areas.

Margaret Johnson is a certified Creatrix trainer and coach and looks forward to working with you on your innovation breakthroughs. Individuals, teams, organizations:


Start your Innovation Journey

  1. Purchase my Creatrix + Consultation Package - Margaret will give you instructions on taking the Creatrix Assessment.

  2. Set up an appointment to review the results after you’ve had a chance to look at the assessment output.

  3. We’ll have a 1-hour consultation to plan how you can put the results into practice and ignite your innovative genius – and you’re on your way!


Taking It Further / Group Options

In addition to the above basic package, you could extend your experience a little deeper with:

  • Three-month coaching package on creativity and innovation – in-depth work with the tool to improve creativity and risk-taking skills.

  • Team training – team members take the assessment and participate in a one and a half day training session to work with their results.

  • Organizational training – multiple groups within an organization take the assessment and participate in a one and a half day training to work with their results.