Clutter Cramps Creativity

How can you think when stuff is falling down around you?  When your office or your home is full of things that you don't really need; that fall on your head when you open up closets; that make it difficult to close drawers - it is time for an overhaul.  The simple act of throwing something away can lift your spirits and clear you head for creative ideas to flow.  Many people don't ever start on it because it seems like an overwhelming task to declutter.  They think that it will take hours or days to make an impact and that they don't have the time to do it right now.  So they keep waiting for the day when they will have that precious break in their hectic schedule.  It never comes.  

Starting small and just starting are the ways to make it happen.  Dump a drawer upside down on the floor or counter, pull all of your clothes off a closet rod, or open up that file cabinet and just start sifting.  Commit to fifteen minutes a day and delight in the difference a little bit at a time can make.  May your creative ideas start flowing the minute the "stuff" starts flowing out the door.