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Margaret A. Johnson, PE, PCC, is a technical professional and credentialed coach who inspires individuals with techniques for maximum effectiveness as leaders, applying creativity to problem solving, taking risks to move ideas forward, communicating more effectively and advancing in their careers.

Seminars can be tailored to meet the needs of the organization and the individual participants. Programs for any business or organization can be delivered both on-site or at an escape from your typical work environment.

Inspire your employees with a Lunch ‘N’ Learn series, short lunchtime presentations offered weekly or monthly, a keynote for a special event, or a topic geared toward your internal women’s group or other group.

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MindFULLness for Peak Performance: The Cure for INFObesity

We are constantly bombarded with information to filter through, requests to engage, additional projects, responsibilities and general overwhelm. This overload is termed INFOBesity. It affects our performance as well as our working relationships. Through Mind-FULL-ness practices - including focus, high performance habits, emotional intelligence, energy checks, and strategy and meditation time – we will find a way to simplify and make sense of the craziness, forming effective strategies for high performance moving forward.

Margaret’s most popular topic:

Ignite Your Ideas combines creativity and risk taking

In this program you will learn how to remove barriers to creative thinking, effectively handle naysayers and understand the connection to risk taking. You will be able to apply creativity exercises to inspire ideas and solve problems in your work and personal life and assist others to create.  As an attendee, you will plan your next steps to implement ideas and strategically move yourself and your company forward through innovation.

As a result of this program you will no longer be stuck trying to solve problems without any idea on which direction to take. You will be armed with a variety of techniques to spur on your creativity and continuously generate ideas and solutions.  No longer paralyzed with fear, you will be able to analyze situations effectively and successfully move forward with the formula:

Creativity + Risk Taking = Innovation

OTHER speaking TOPICS include: