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Essential Tools For Top Managers

Join me for an all day workshop focused on providing managers, supervisors and leaders with the tools needed to be a top manager. I will be presenting on Managing Up! Bossing the Boss in the afternoon. 

Managing Up! Bossing the Boss busts assumptions around working with higher ups and provides tips and techniques to improve/build those relationships.

In this session we will examine myths regarding managing the boss to clarify the importance of the boss/subordinate relationship. Participants will determine the strengths and weaknesses of their boss and themselves so that they are able to partner together more effectively. In addition to that we will assess, examine and clarify work styles, expectations and personal assets to enhance the boss/subordinate relationship. Lessons learned from their worst and best bosses will be used going forward to improve partnerships. Participants will also begin preparation for conversations with their boss to design effective alliances.

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