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We invite you to explore your creativity and move your ideas into action with our most requested program - Ignite Your Ideas

Many people don’t think that they are creative.  The truth is, we all are.  We express our creativity in different ways.  Frequently though, we don’t allow ourselves the time to let our creativity flow.  We also let fear, lack of information, or the comfort of our current situation hold us back from taking risks and moving ideas or plans forward for innovation.

In this content-rich program you will learn how to:

  • Develop an understanding of your creativity and risk-taking tendencies and improve on them through the Creatrix assessment.

  • Spur your creativity and consistently generate ideas and solutions.

  • Overcome your fears related to taking risks.

  • Analyze situations effectively and successfully move forward.

  • Unleash your creative side and assist others to create.

  • Plan your next steps to implement ideas and strategically move yourself and/or your company forward through innovation.

  • Effectively handle naysayers.

  • Solve problems.

Program formats available:

  • 12-hour Ignite Your Ideas training class (for intact teams or individuals).

  • 12-hour Ignite Your Ideas class + group or individual coaching.

  • Group coaching only using the Creatrix creativity and risk taking assessment – no training class.

  • Individual coaching only using the Creatrix creativity and risk taking assessment – no training class.

  • The Ignite Your Ideas topics (creativity or risk-taking) are available separately as half-day or 1-hour introductory (or lunch ‘n’ learn) sessions.

Other available topics include:

  • Peer Today Boss Tomorrow

  • MindFULLNess for Peak Performance: The Cure for INFObesity

  • From SOS to WOW

  • Building Trust

  • Managing Up! Bossing the Boss

  • Understanding and Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

  • The Glass is Half Full: Shifting Perception to Achieve Results

  • Unleashing your Creative Genius

  • Successful Risk Taking at Work

  • Train the Trainer – fundamentals

  • Yo-Ga-Na Be Great! Leadership Lessons from the Mat

  • Mentor and Mentee Training

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