One-on-One or Small Groups

Margaret partners with you to move you from where you where you want to be. 

  • Are you a new leader and want to set your team, organization and yourself up for success?

  • Are you struggling with communication at work with your team, your leadership, or find your ideas aren’t being listened to?

  • Are you looking for the courage to speak in front of large groups or to upper management?

  • Do you find yourself stuck in the same old place again and again?

  • Are you at a loss for creative options?

  • Do you want to move forward in your career or try a different path but aren’t sure what steps to take next?

  • Would you benefit from a sounding board to assess options and think things through, even when you aren’t stuck in a rut?


Our coaching relationship is a true partnership to assist you in setting and reaching goals in your particular area of concern.  As your coach, I (Margaret) will help you create and maintain momentum and guide you with questions and resources, helping you self-discover so that you can continue to excel on your own even after coaching ends. Coaching sessions are conducted in person and via telephone. I specialize in working with professionals to mid-level managers. Coaching paths are as individual as you are and may last from a week to a few months or years. Some clients have a specific issue they want to delve into quickly and set up daily appointments for a short time period, i.e. one week. Typical engagements last three to six months. Many work on and off with a coach over the years as their work and concerns change. If you prefer a more structured process and specific time frame focusing on creativity or moving from stuck (SOS) to unstuck (WOW) in a particular area of concern — check the specialty coaching programs below. Set up an appointment below to speak with me about options and what fits you and your situation best to get started. I look forward to partnering with you on your journey forward.


+ From SOS to WOW: 8-Week Coaching Program

Make progress from where you are to where you want to be, in any professional or personal area. What are your SOS (Same Old Stuff) and WOW (Well On the Way)?

  1. What are your SOS and WOW?
  2. Motivation and Goals
  3. Mojo in Flow
  4. Focus
  5. Assumptions
  6. Creativity
  7. Risk Taking
  8. Self-Talk and future plans

+ Unleashing Your Curious Creative Courageous Genius: 4 week/session coaching program

  1. Creatrix assessment – take assessment and review results
  2. Explore Creativity in desired focus area
  3. Explore Risk Taking in desired focus area
  4. Bust barriers to success and plan for future

+ Small Group Coaching (5-9 individuals)

What is it? An intimate conversation space that is focused on goal setting, deepening awareness around key issues for the group participants, taking action and personal accountability. Clients benefit from the collective wisdom of the group.

How does it work? A group of five to nine individuals that are interested in the same focus area (see examples below), meet via telephone with the coach on a regular basis to set goals, discuss issues, concerns and barriers to success, receive coaching as a group and individually, and consistently move toward success with the opportunity to learn from each other.

Check the list below, send me your area of interest, and we will get you started.


  • Anyone wanting to wow audiences with their presentation skills
  • Women wanting to improve their assertiveness skills
  • New managers as a follow-up to leadership training
  • Professionals balancing their work and personal lives
  • Frustrated employees wanting to make a difference
  • People wanting to explore new careers focused more on their values, passions and strengths
  • Individuals wanting to transform their personal relationships
  • Individuals wanting to lead healthier lives
  • Sales people sharing ideas on building their customer base

You might also be interested in the following coaching format:

Walk N Talk: For those wanting to combine a low to intermediate workout with coaching, the coach and client conduct the coaching session outdoors while walking in a park or other area.

I also partner as a leadership coach with Wondrous (formerly known as Coach Match), a London-based, executive learning and development consultancy. Contact me at 281.648.0380 or for information on connecting with Wondrous to start or step up your organization’s coaching program.