From SOS to WOW!: Your Personal Coaching Adventure


From SOS to WOW!: Your Personal Coaching Adventure


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Stuck in the same old place at work, in your personal relationships or still waiting for your dreams to become a reality? This is the perfect book for those of you ready to make a change – to help you bust through assumptions, unleash your creative ideas and take courageous action to finally make the move to where you really want to be personally or professionally.

What is SOS? SOS — Same Old Stuff — is the place you find yourself in over and over again. At one time or another, most people end up stuck doing the same old stuff in some aspect of their lives.
For example, here we are again:

• Unhappy at work, wondering what else we could be doing.
• Being passed over for a promotion to a coveted position.
• In a relationship with the same kind of guy or gal we recently separated from.
• At the gym in January with our stronger, more determined New Year’s resolution and jeans that are still a little bit too tight.
• In a meeting listening to co-workers or your executive team rehash the same old problems with no resolution.
• Watching someone else doing what we have always dreamed about, but not making any progress toward making it happen for ourselves. Where would you like to be instead?

WOW — Well On the Way to being where you really wish you were. WOW is… • No longer stuck in a “no progress” repetitive cycle.
• Achieving your goals instead of wondering how you ended up in the same old place.
• Making creativity a part of your daily life so that you are able to more effectively solve problems, analyze and take risks and remove barriers to success.
• Staying motivated and making real progress toward your dreams and goals.

Whatever your SOS is, and wherever you want to go, if you take the first step to really focus and incorporate the lessons from this book you will be Well On the Way to eliminating your SOS.

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