Press Return

I must have sat there for five minutes or more looking over the contract, checking every entry over and over again making sure the information was entered correctly.  I was confirming reservations for a beach house for a first time ever retreat event.  It had been in the works for many months and was finally becoming a reality. I had rechecked all of the costs,  planned the daily events and meals, toured the beach house, checked the view and the rooms - all set for perfection.  There were even several people already interested in the event so it was sure to be sold out with a waiting list for the next one.  But still, I hesitated.  Finally, I pressed return and it was final.  Then the excitement began with the telling and the sharing of this unique event unfolding.  

What was stopping me from pressing the return? That there was no return?  That once I pressed the return key I was committed and the event had to move forward?  Was it simply me getting in the way of me?

Our ideas flow but the pen does not make it to the paper.  The right words come to mind but they never exit our mouth for the other person to hear.  The doors close on one more opportunity as we stand at the threshold of our dreams and yet we pause.  What prevents us from taking the risk?

Sometimes it is just that we need to do a little more research to assure ourselves all is in order or check out some of the worst case scenarios.  But usually it is just a little fear that needs to get pushed off to the side. We need to get out of our own way - press return - and stop worrying.