It's Wishing Time!

My husband and I recently vacationed in Cozumel Mexico for my birthday. We were staying at an all inclusive resort that had a number of activities throughout the day. One of my favorites, that happened three times a week at sunset, was Wishing Time. 

This gentleman above would dress up in this outfit and bring his conch shell horn to the pier with all of the wishers following behind in a procession, my husband and I included.  He claimed it was an ancient Mayan tradition to throw shells into the water at sunset, one for each blow of the horn, making a wish each time. For a lover of fairy tales, sunsets, wishing on stars and all things related, this was one of my favorite events (besides my husband's performance in the TV game show-like Minute to Win It the night before on the hotel stage!).

Once we reached the end of the pier, we all lined up single file so that each of us had room to throw our shells without hitting anyone in the head. We paused to contemplate the three wishes we desired and waited for the horn. Each time he blew the horn, we would make a wish as we threw one shell, (very tiny shells - they really wouldn't hurt anyone if we hit them in the head!), into the sea.  We delighted in the possibility of our wishes coming true. Before we knew it, the ceremony was over. 

When we returned home to Texas, I grabbed the conch shell we use as a doorstop and attempted to make beautiful music like our ceremony guide. It actually did work for a few short seconds. I am determined to practice and make a decent performance at the next sunset we decide to honor with Wishing Time.

I believe wishing time would be a great habit to incorporate into our day or week. Taking the time to think about those things we want to happen and dream about happening can open up our creative minds to possibilities.  Then, we just need to take the necessary steps and associated risks to have the dream come true. Some are more work than others, some aren't any work at all.

What will you wish for at the next Sunset Wishing Time?