Don't Take A Lazy Man's Load

My father was a wise man. "Don't take a lazy man's load!", he would say. That is when you have a bunch of groceries and you try to take all of the bags in at once instead of two or so at a time - and you end up dropping some or bags rip or - you get the idea. My father was a wise man.

So, the other day after a great day of golf with the members of the Women On Course in Houston, I was grabbing my golf shoe bag, water bottle, purse, and trying to get my golf clubs out of the trunk of my girlfriend's car with all of that still in my hands and over my shoulder.  The whole time I was thinking about my father's words of wisdom knowing that I was attempting a lazy man's load. But I am strong (and stubborn) and continued on - that last swinging lift of my golf bag knocked my shin. Yowser - "don't take a lazy man's load!"  

Sometimes when we are about to embark on an adventure or a simple step forward, we hesitate and ponder many options in our head. Fear has us trying to talk ourselves out of a very positive step but other times there are legitimate reasons to address the hesitations.

Don't ignore your intuition.  Couple it with your data and analysis - for a thorough and intelligent examination of any situation.

My father was a wise  man.