Get Real! - Be Rational!

I saw this image on a t-shirt.  The real number is telling the rational number to get real and the rational number is telling the real number to be rational.  It may be something only a math lover will enjoy (I didn't want to bore you with the definitions - you can Google them if you really want to recall the difference) but it started me thinking about being real.  

I frequently attend business meetings - dinners, lunches and other events.  Most of the time I am in the audience and sometimes I am the headliner.  I have observed thousands of presenters that run the gamut from polished, professional and effective to shaking in their boots or reading their entire performance.  Sometimes the polished ones come across too polished.  It seems like they've given the presentation a hundred times before and they are bored with us, or if someone asked them a question it would throw them off their well-prepared script.  They are entertaining but aren't real.  
When you see real you know it.  The presenter has a story to share and does it so well you are wrapped up in the moment along with them.  You may be called to action and want to jump to your feet to follow as soon as you can.  Or it may be subtle - a great idea that you file away to work on later when you get back home or to the office.  Either way - they impact you.

Being real is a risk. You put yourself and your ideas out there for everyone to see.  

Are you ready to step up to the plate and take a risk?  What are you really afraid of?  How will you push past that barrier and move forward? 

Get real!