I Bet You Can't Pick Just One

I am beginning to offer a "Yoga Beach Walk" event on a regular basis.  During the event we will alternate between a few yoga poses and a short walk farther down the beach.  At the end, we return to our starting point, relaxing on our beach lounge chairs to watch the sunset.  They are donation based yoga events, meaning you pay what you can and if you can't pay at all - you are welcome too.  Part of the proceeds will be given to a local charity.  The problem is I haven't been able to pick a charity. There are so many worthy causes out there - for healthy hearts, for trees to save the coastline, for meals for seniors, for cancer research, for the Red Cross - the list is endless. How does one choose?  

So, I finally decided to pick a new charity for each walk based on recommendations from attendees - problem solved!

A friend and I were reminiscing about college recently and our initial difficulty in picking a major with so many options available and our diverse interests to complicate the matter.  When we were in school we thought that we had to pick something that we were going to do for the rest of our lives.  As we examined the options nothing stood out as the one career we wanted to have forever. So, we tried a lot of majors ending up with so many extra credit hours in so many diverse areas, sometimes leaving college unable to decide.  If students can remember that a degree in anything is a wonderful accomplishment and that our options are endless possibilities as we grow, it will be easier to make that first choice.   

When taking risks, sometimes the hardest part is just the first step. Remember you can always modify, adjust, and change your mind and your plan. It isn't forever - don't let that first step paralyze you.