Ingenious Waitress

When I was young I remember reading a novel that started off with a woman heading into a publishing company for an interview. While she was waiting in the lobby for her appointment she overheard an executive ask his assistant to find a copy of an old magazine. The woman waiting to be interviewed ran to the elevator and headed to another suite on a different floor.  She knew there was a doctor's office in the building and they always have old magazines.  She found the office, checked out the magazines in their waiting room and found the one the executive had mentioned.  She returned to the publishing company and handed the executive the magazine she had unearthed.  Not surprising - she got the job on the spot!  I always loved that story and wanted to be "that girl". I found her in person on a recent trip.


There is a golf networking organization for women called Women On Course. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in learning golf, improving their golf game, or avid golfers looking for other fun women to play with. I was on a weekend trip with the group at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort and Spa just outside of Austin.  It has a beautiful and challenging golf course, a variety of pools, hot tubs, water slides, and all sorts of activities for non-golfers too.  You never have to leave the resort. 

One evening my girlfriends and I were having dinner in the bar.   We brought cards to play Euchre - a game I was raised on in Michigan.  (Want to join our next tournament at my house? - e-mail me - newbies welcome). We were enjoying our food and the game on the patio but it was starting to get a little dark. I asked the waitress if she had any candles or other table lights.  "I think they might have some in the restaurant next door", she said. "Let me see what I can do".  In a few minutes she returned with several candles for our table.  

I asked for a Diet Coke when she took our drink order. We only have Diet Pepsi was the response so, I accepted it.  But when it arrived, it tasted a bit strange.  The waitress said she would get me a can.  She quickly returned with a glass of ice and a can of Diet Coke.  Now where did she find that since their restaurant didn't even serve it? The employee refrigerator? - we joked. 

Later, she asked us if she could get us anything else. I jokingly shouted out - chocolate.  Her reply? :"I'll see what I can do!".  A few minutes later she came back with two pieces of dark chocolate cake for us to share. It wasn't on the menu.  Maybe she got them from a party since there were a lot of celebrations going on at the resort from weddings to family reunions. We aren't really sure - but it was really good and free!

I tried to think of something for her to find that would be a real challenge.  I mean - really - this woman was resourceful, creative and up to any request.  What wouldn't she be able to do?  

We left it at a huge tip and letter to her manager commending her on her service, attitude and amazing ingenuity. 

We can all take a lesson from her.  When presented with any request, respond with "let me see what I can do" instead of "no way - that's impossible"!  See how your results change.  I look forward to your stories.