Lights Out?!


I was sitting in the living room four days after hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast, wreaking havoc everywhere - including and especially Houston (on the dirty "wet" side of the storm) with epic flooding. We were blessed to have power, running water and no flooding in our house. I'd ventured out that morning,when we finally could, with my neighbor, to see how far we could get and to check in on some school shelters to see if we could offer assistance. We were able to help at one school and started to offer our services to friends and strangers that might need help cleaning out their flooded first floors. So many need so much help.

I was on the couch and all of the sudden the lights went out. I had that little moment of panic - "oh no - here we go too". It fortunately wasn't anything but a momentary glitch. But is was enough of a reminder to remain grateful for our situation. I pray that this attitude of gratefulness, caring and compassion, and positive action in me and others continues way beyond the next few weeks. It's been such a delight to witness personally and via the news - with none of the anger, hatred, political opposition, and arguing we typically see projected on late night TV or the news visible to us - at least not here in Houston. I ponder how I can continually remind myself to stay in this place mentally. Visual reminders, cell phone alarms and other ways have worked for me in the past. but frequently we go back to our old ways as if nothing happened when we get back to our normal work week. 

It is a pattern I see when I teach business classes or speak. The course or talk really inspires and motivates. People get fired up and make a plan. Then after a few weeks or even days - they are right back to their standard operating mode. 

What methods have you developed for yourself to maintain that desired new change?
What risk are you taking by not making a plan to take action to truly incorporate the new ways into your daily life at work or home? What happens if you keep the old behavior patterns? 

A fellow coach, Don Gutridge ( developed a process he calls R2D2 to take new knowledge and move forward with it. After every learning experience, be it a real life event like a hurricane or a formal training, - 
R1 - Recognize that one principle, idea or technique that is shouting at you - reflect on the results you see that are possible if you follow that principle
R2 - Relate that idea to your personal or professional purpose - how it relates to your personal goals - relate it to yourself for more impact
D1 -  Determine exactly how you can use this principle to bring you closer to any goal you choose
D2 - Deliver on the action promised and this idea will work for you

Now get to it and do it! Don't let the lights go out on your plan.