Toss It

Every time I moved into a new group at work or earned a promotion, my office location would change.  I always liked the move. It gave me a chance to clean out my files, reorganize and start fresh.  But there was always a bit of hesitation working through the file folders as I tried to decide whether to throw something out or store it in the cabinet for possible future use.  What if I threw this information away and needed it in a few months? What would I do?  So many times I ended up keeping the file instead of trashing it.  I think it might have been because one time I threw something away and ended up needing it a few months later. One time!  I was saving all of this extra information because of one time.  Hmm.  We need to adjust that one.

I was going through the bags of stuff my husband and son had removed from a home office purging frenzy. I wanted to check to make sure there weren't some items that could be recycled or given away instead of trashed.  My son helped my husband work through the clutter.  It really helped to have someone that was not emotionally attached to the stuff to assist him in the somewhat painful process.  The other person can help us see how silly some of our reasons for keeping things can be.

Take a risk - and let things go that need to leave.