There But For I - Go Me

There was a beautiful blonde woman in great shape in the front row of my cycling class this morning.  She worked hard the whole class, a very serious rider, but seemed to enjoy the class too. At the end of our workout she came up to me and thanked me for a great class. She let me know she was visiting from Arlington, Tx (near Dallas/Fort Worth) and mentioned a few things about instructors there. Her words were a compliment to me.  She wistfully mentioned she would love to be an instructor but thought they wouldn't consider her because of her age.  Thinking she couldn't possibly be any older than me, I mentioned that there were several instructors our age and some even a little older and she shouldn't let that stop her at all. Then she told me how old she was. Inside I am sure my jaw was dropping because she looked much younger.  Without skipping a beat, I told her I could tell she would be good, her form was great, her physique would be motivating and her love of the sport would shine through.  She said, "Maybe I will look into that".  I hope she does.  I wish that I had thought to get her contact information to check in with her.  

When I was in my mid forties I was finally able to do the splits for the first time (see profile picture).  I joked to my yoga class that I should try out for cheerleading now because I couldn't when I was little. Not being able to do the splits prevented me.  I tried out for the Houston Texans cheerleader squad with a 20 year old girlfriend.  I made it through to the second round. My friend had to quit after the first round because her back and neck hurt so much from all the bending, fllipping and hair whipping. 

Don't let your age hold you back from taking a risk. 

"There but for I - go me!