Hazards Along the Way

For my birthday, which happened to land on the Easter holiday/holy day, my family joined me for a round of golf on a beautiful course near our home.  It started off a little overcast, but the sun soon broke through the clouds and remained bright for the rest of the day.  We were playing very well, enjoying each other's company, the beautiful scenery and the cold beer.  Part of the course's beauty is the woods and creeks running through and around the land.  There are also a fair number of sand traps scattered among the holes.  If you are lucky (or should I say skilled?), you manage to avoid most of those hazards.  But even the best golfers can find themselves at the bottom of a ravine or swinging at a ball with sand flying everywhere.  It's not like we don't know these hazards are coming.  The GPS on the golf cart provides numerous details on the course layout, though turtles, snakes and alligators are not on their radar.  If you plan (and play well), you can avoid a majority of these stroke adding areas.  Sometimes you can psyche yourself out thinking too much about a hazard - like the water - and end of splashing right into it because you thought so much about not going in.  Bring extra balls, because that is bound to happen.  

In life, as we go about our business, performing our work or attempting a number of activities and adventures we are bound to come up against some obstacles or hazards.  Some of these are real and if we are careful in our planning we are prepared when they arise. Others are imaginary.  We believe that people won't like something or we will have too many hoops to jump through so we don't even take the first step.  We fail without even trying.  

I encourage you to realistically analyze the possible hazards, prepare for those events that might actually happen and stop letting the imaginary road blocks keep you from taking the first step.

Here's to your dreams coming true - if you will only get out of your own way.