All In The Bag

When we start out as children our creativity is free and flowing.  The older we get, the more rules and procedures we are required to follow and the less likely we are to veer from the beaten path.  In order to remind adults to "color outside of the lines" and think outside the proverbial box, I utilize creativity exercises in my speaking engagements and training classes.  

I have an exercise ready for an upcoming session, but decided to have a backup ready in case some of the participants had already been exposed to my game in a previous presentation. I prepared quart size plastic bags for each small group.  I filled the bags with a half dozen items - the same ones in each bag.  This time I included props like a bag of M&M's, a die, and a pipe cleaner. Each group will be given a bag and instructed to create a word using the first letter of each item they were given.  Most people will play with the items in the bag but not think to use the "bag" as one of the items.  What would you have done?

It is a great reminder to look at things differently - from all angles - so as not to miss an opportunity.  Remember, it's not "all in the bag"!