Just Say NO To More Work

I think we are overwhelmed because simple activities or requirements slip quietly into our lives one by one and before we know it we are overloaded.  We didn't think it was a big deal when it came up so we didn't resist but now that we see the whole shebang - it is a big deal.  

Years ago I worked as a contract engineer in technical sales.  We frequently entertained customers - especially on the golf course.  Apparently one salesperson was playing a lot more than they were working and the CEO started mandatory Friday afternoon meetings at 3:00 pm to indirectly address the situation.  We were all punished because he didn't address the situation with the individual and no one would address the unnecessary meetings with the CEO.  I didn't mind at the time because I was contract and the meetings served as an opportunity for me to catch up on everyone else's projects (as I wasn't in the office as frequently as the full time personnel).  If I had worked full time it would have been another one of those "things you had to do but didn't have time for and wasn't necessary that just slipped into your already busy schedule".

I also teach fitness classes at several studios.  One of the studios acquired new stereo equipment and some instructors were unfamiliar with how it worked.  The manager wanted to have a meeting with everyone to provide simple instructions on how to set the controls and wanted to know when I was available.  I said it wouldn't be necessary - that I could easily figure it out and if anyone had questions they could contact her. Whew - an unnecessary meeting avoided!

Take a serious look at your daily and weekly activities. What has slyly slipped into your schedule that could be eliminated? Take a risk - speak up - be a time waster eliminator.