Open the Shade!

A few short weeks ago we were headed to Alaska from Texas on an early evening flight.  All of the window shades were down but I could tell it was still light out and knew we were flying over a magnificent part of the country.  Half of the passengers were nodding off in their seats and the other half were watching the featured movie or engrossed in their own technology.  

"Why wasn't anyone peeking out the window? Were we supposed to keep the shades down the whole time for the movie?  What would happen if I opened my shade - would the airplane police rush to my seat?" A number of questions ran through my head as I contemplated opening the shade.

I decided if I carefully and slowly raised it just a few inches it wouldn't interfere with the movie.  As I peered through the few inches of window I had uncovered I was rewarded with a breathtaking view of snow capped mountains that went on forever. I felt sorry for all of the other people on the plane that were missing this spectacular opportunity.  I shared it with my husband and then reluctantly lowered the shade. Every so often I would raise the shade again and peer under the edge to enjoy the amazing view.  Wow! And no airplane police ever came over to discipline me.

This afternoon I opened a fortune cookie and read my future - "the simplest answer is to act".  How true that is.  We hold ourselves back from taking action because of all the supposed rules or the worries we have that may never actually happen.  What are you missing?  What spectacular dream or vision or experience?  Take a risk - act - evaluate and keep moving forward.  

(Of course - some risks require more analysis and planning - check out our classes or Creatrix assessment on Creativity and Risk Taking if you want to delve deeper into the topic.)