Look and See!

I was sitting outside in my lounge chair working on business classes and presentations. I took a break for a minute to look up at the sky and examine the clouds on this beautiful partly cloudy day. I was amazed to see something that resembled a rainbow as far as the colors but streaking across their edge instead of in an arch in the sky. It was unusual because it hadn't rained and the colors were typical of a sunset, not the sky in the middle of a sunny day. I lifted my sunglasses to see if it was just the polarization of the lenses - but it was still there.  What a treat. I gazed at the sky for another ten minutes or so, then settled back into my work. If I hadn't stopped to look I might have missed it, for it was gone later when I checked again for my little miracle.   

My son invited me to see a film called "The Seer: A Portrait of Wendell Berry" at the Houston Fotofest International a few days ago. My girlfriend and I joined him and his fiancee. The focus for the 2016 Biennnial Fotofest's 16th International Biennial of Photography and Mixed Media Art is humanity's relationship with the changing planet. This movie was the portrait of this accomplished poet, farmer, writer, activist and academic, Berry, who spent much of his life, and still does, on a farm in Kentucky.  One of the key comments from his daughter was how Wendell always said - "look and see" to her as she was growing up. It taught her to really pay attention to what was around her and appreciate all of it.

By looking and seeing we stay open to all that is there and open our mind to possibilities - enhancing our creative minds. 

Look and see what you didn't see before. Enjoy.