I Don't Know

I can't remember exactly where I saw it (and I'm ok with that!), but I think it was a movie. A group of people were hanging out and a question came up that no one knew the answer to. Their first reactions were to pull out their cell phones and look it up. But one man said - "Let's not. Let's be ok with not knowing." As hard as it was for some, they resisted. They simply sat there and pondered the unknown, sharing ideas on what they thought the answer might be and ended up having a great conversation on the topic.



It's ok not to know. We jump to looking things up so quickly on our phones or other devices and miss out on the beauty of exploring ideas.


Ambiguity is one of the drivers for creativity. To improve your creative mind, exploring being ok with ambiguity is an effective exercise. It stimulates your creative thinking.


So, next time you don't know, resist the urge to look it up right away. Let your mind play with ideas and see what comes up. Then, if you have to, look it up. You will be improving your ability to create one moment at a time.


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