Office Dog Improves Productivity and Posture

In order for creativity to flow, you have to sit still long enough to let it come to you. I work from home and have all sorts of distractions that interrupt me, (or shall I say I LET all sorts of distraction interrupt me). I recently found a cure for this that my help you.

I was granddog sitting this past week - watching our son's fiancee's dog for the week while they were away on a trip. The dog loves to be near you and especially loves to sit in my lap while I work on the computer. So the last time I let her up in my lap I was trying to work through some chapter editing overdue to my editor. I frequently thought about getting up from my chair to do things but didn't want to disturb the sleeping dog. Since I was less apt to get up and do other things, I stayed at my desk longer and worked through all of the chapters. Productivity up! 

An additional benefit was health related. Yesterday she crawled around behind me in my chair and fell asleep at my lower back. It made me sit up straight the whole time I was working. Posture improved! 

This dog is fixing all of my problems. Get one - or rent one - or let yours up in your lap - it may help you too!