Share the Risk

When we take a risk we don't typically think about taking someone along with us for the ride.  Yet, sharing a risk is one of the best ways to improve your chances of success.
I have a friend who works shift work.  When she has Sundays off we typically attend church services together.  It is always a much more interesting event when we go together. One of us may hear something the other missed and share it or we just simply enjoy the event more having someone to hang with. I love to watch my favorite late night show with her also.  The jokes always seem funnier when she is sitting with me watching the show.  

A few years back I went skydiving with a girlfriend.  She was recently divorced and wanted to experience the thrill of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. It seems like it is the thing that divorced people like to do.  We jumped tandem - strapped to an instructor. It was probably the most exciting thing I've ever done.  There is no denying our chances of success were much greater taking the instructor along for the ride versus jumping on our own - at least the first time!

Whether it is jumping out of an airplane or telling the boss what you really think about a project or idea, sharing the risk with another person can improve the chances of a successful outcome in so many ways.

Consider taking along a buddy the next time you venture out on a risk.  It may improve your chances of success - or simply your enjoyment of the experience. Either way - it is a win.