Skipping Stone Ripples

“We’ve got to get to the water before we leave”, she pleaded. We were on one of the most beautiful islands I’d ever been to, the Isle of Capri. It was the vacation of a lifetime with my sister-in-law, nieces and their friend. We’d been traveling about the island walking, riding a bus and a ski lift to see the views but hadn’t actually touched the water yet. We made our way down to the tiny cove of rock and pebble covered beach before jumping on our ferry back to the mainland. She slipped off her shoes and started searching on the beach for the perfect smooth rock specimens. Delighting in her finds, she started pitching them back into the water one by one, counting the skips as each one skimmed the water’s surface. Each time improving on her skip count little by little. I tried too, but my stones failed miserably, sinking quickly after a mere half skip or so. Satisfied with her last pitch, she watched the small rock sink back into the clear water. Then we grabbed our shoes and headed toward the boat dock for our ride home.    




There is something special about standing on the shoreline and skipping stones across the water. The beautiful ripple produced by a perfect skip is mesmerizing to watch. The small changes we make in our lives are like the ripples on the water. They affect everything about us in a subtle way – and we continue on for the better. What small change or risk will you take today to send positive ripples through your life?