And What to My Wondering Eyes Should Appear - Girl Scout Cookies!

I was a Girl Scout when I was young and always enjoyed selling Girl Scout cookies. When you knocked on doors and had Girl Scout calendars to sell it was not the same delightful reaction you received when they opened the door and found out you were selling cookies. 

And I loved eating them too.

As an adult I've always supported the Girl Scouts by purchasing more boxes than I should of my favorites, like the thin mints. I thought I was clever and put them in the freezer - thinking that would slow my consumption. It didn't. They actually tasted better frozen!   

This cookie season they came out with a new gluten free cookie. I don't have to eat gluten free but tried it because it was temptingly chock full of oatmeal and chocolate chips which are favorites of mine. And they were pretty good, especially straight out of the freezer. But they were hard to find. I was delighted when I found a troop at the grocery store with them, scooping up their supply and sharing with a friend that has to eat gluten free.

But inevitably my supply was depleted and I craved that oatmeal and chocolate chip combination but could not find them anywhere.

One Sunday as I was headed to Galveston Island to host a yoga on the beach, I traveled south on the freeway. When I reached the island, for some reason I missed the exit for the seawall. I've been to the beach countless times and know the route well, so I surprised myself. I had to wind from the main street on the island through one way streets and dead ends to get to the beach. Somehow I ended up right next to the Kroger store by the seawall. I honestly couldn't have found it if I tried but there it was and there was a Girl Scout table out in front. I decided to check and see if they had any of the prized gluten free gems. They were out but told me the leader ran home to get more cookies and would be back in a few minutes. They weren't sure if she was bringing the gluten free ones since they were so popular and usually gone in minutes. I ran inside for a quick errand.  When I returned I noticed from a distance a few of the famous bags sitting on the table and quickly moved to purchase them. I was delighted with my prize stash, slipped them into my cooler and headed to the beach.

Desire.  You can have goals, you can make plans - but the key is desire. When you set out to take a risk and make a change - add desire to the mix. Imagine what it will be like to have accomplished the risk goal and made the change. What will life be life and how will you feel? I know it's only cookies - but obviously my desire was so strong and I could definitely imagine what life would be like with them. The way to get them came to me in the least obvious and strangest way - missing an exit. But desire along with persistence will get you to where you want to be.