Three Keys to Success - Personally and Professionally


What are the three keys to success in your personal and/or professional life? I won't make you wait - here they are: 



  1. Busting Assumptions
  2. Unleashing Creativity
  3. Risk Taking

Busting Assumptions

We cannot live without making some assumptions. But so many of our problems arise from the thoughts we hold in our head. We tell ourselves that things cannot be done, it will always be this way or we don't possess certain qualities we need to be able to make things happen. Taking time to assess the real truth of the thoughts in your head and looking at what you would do if those things weren't true will really give you the kick you need to make progress.


Unleashing Creativity

We are all creative, we just don't take the time to connect to our creativity. When do you have your most creative thoughts? For many people it is in the shower, when driving or running. Make sure you record those thoughts as soon as possible or they will be lost. Play with creativity exercises like random words - writing down everything that comes to mind when you think of that/those words. Bounce ideas off of other people. Exercising your creative mind will assure it is ready when you need it. When you have a problem to solve - write it down in the morning and let it go. You will be amazed at how many ideas, people or events come to you during the day to help you solve the problem.


Risk Taking

You know you want to do something but you hesitate. What is holding you back? Most likely fear. Fear of what? Fear of success, failure, repeating past mistakes, not having the energy or the nohow or whatever it is you need to make the risk successful? First, write down the risk you want to take and what it will give you if you were able to accomplish it. How will things be different and better for you it you were to get it done? Then assess the different ways you could do it - let your creativity unleash. Select a few options that coincide with your personal level of risk taking - not too comfortable for you - a little out of your zone. Make a plan and just do it!! Reassess and adjust and keep on keeping on!


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