From Wasted Time to Walking on Sunshine!

When I was in grade school I had a classmate that was the epitome of bubbly and outgoing. She was into everything and talked about everything (much to some teachers' dismay) and wasn't afraid of anything - or so it seemed to me at the time. She was plain fun and had a super positive outlook on life. I was reminded of that energy at my recent high school reunion. There we were on the dance floor together, both dancing wildly to the song "Walking On Sunshine" - throwing our arms into the air, kicking high and low and just having a grand time with no other crazy people coming close to our free spirited dance.



I mentioned to her how much I loved her spirit growing up (we went to Catholic school for 12 years together) and how I was so shy back then, but not anymore. "Wasted time", she replied. "Yes", I thought, "maybe it was wasted time knowing what I know now". How often do we hesitate to do things because of fear, confidence, lack of something and miss out on extraordinary? 


I recently heard a country song on the radio by Keith Urban called "Wasted Time" and thought again about her comment. This song was exactly the opposite of the wasted time above. The artist relished the wasted time hanging out in the summer, swinging from a rope over the water and sneaking out the window and running back roads with his hand in hers. Sometimes we do need to waste time and relax and enjoy what is.  

What is holding you back right now from doing that thing you really want to do? Take a risk! Stop - or Start - wasting time. Start Walking on Sunshine!!