Un-Like Minded People

I attend a variety of business organization meetings, attracted to them based on the topic.  I've heard from oil and gas executives, human resource personnel, engineers, marketing gurus, coaches and dreamers.  I find it thought provoking, inspiring and motivating to spice up my life with this variety of information and perspectives.

At one recent meeting the new people were invited to stand up and introduce themselves.  Many times in their introductions I hear that term "like-minded" people used.  They are delighted to be in the presence of like minded individuals.  There is nothing wrong with that.  I like to work or party with like minded people also.

But I propose that we could up our enjoyment of life, our creativity and our enthusiasm for things we have lost enthusiasm for if we associated with "un-like minded people".  If you want to be more creative, try a few of these things off my list - 


  •  Challenge yourself with three problems every day
  • Brainstorm with friends 
  • Hang out with people you don't typically hang out with
  • Work on your self-talk - remind yourself how creative you are
  • Cross-train in the arts - try painting or piano lessons or something you've always wanted to try
  • Nurture a secret work project
  • Join an inventor’s or a writer's club

Let me know what new ideas or insights arise from this challenge.